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GaySA Radio seeks transgender individuals for visibility series

GaySA Radio has announced that it is launching a series that will highlight the transgender community. Titled “My Trans Journey”, the series will feature a series of interviews with trans people from around the world. The aim of the series is to raise trans visibility locally, on the continent and globally.


Hendrik Baird, Station Manager at GaySA Radio, says: “There are many issues affecting trans people, including that they are disproportionately affected by anti-LGBTQ+ violence. Our platform was designed so that LGBTQ+ people can have a voice. We are offering trans people globally an opportunity to speak up and add to the understanding of the issues they face.”


The call is therefore going out to those people who identify as transgender, and are willing to talk about their journey so far. Interviews can be conducted via Skype, and if necessary, voices can be changed to protect participants’ anonymity. Recordings will be made during May and June, and the series will start broadcasting in October.


Well-spoken trans people who have interesting stories to tell about their journeys are encouraged to participate. The interviews will take about ninety minutes to record and the participants will be given a guide on how to prepare. All interviews will be in English.


In order to be contacted for an interview, send an email to GaySA Radio with a short description of your trans journey and add your Skype address. A time will be arranged for the interview and the preparation will be sent. Emails must be sent to marked “My Trans Journey.”


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