I would like to introduce hAPPenings to you, present my business idea to you and offer you the opportunity to become part of this exciting project.

hAPPenings is a mobile applications business and presents an innovative way of interacting with audiences. We specialise in developing custom-made mobile applications, using one of the world’s leading platforms. Our applications can be tailored to address a wide range of uses, which include both enterprise and event requirements.

Using our own technology, we at hAPPenings would like to create an “all inclusive” mobile app focusing on promoting the LGBTI community in South Africa.

You might ask why the need for such an app?

The main objective of this application is to offer a single access and reference point to anything related to the LGBTI community. In our current environment, either many businesses or organisations do not have the ability to reach a wider audience, or those who have a digital presence, are scattered across the internet. If you do not specifically know what you are looking for, chances are your digital marketing is not reaching its full capability. What we aim to offer is a single application where the user could find your business and seamlessly connect to your current digital platforms or have the ability to have your own page within the application.

From an end user perspective, the biggest benefit would be to have a single point of access to all kinds of information. This includes:

  • News
  • Places to go
  • Events
  • Places to stay
  • Online chatting
  • Community Services
  • LGBTI and LGBTI Friendly Businesses


Mobile technology offers a range of benefits and application options, which cannot be obtained from traditional desktop applications. This includes more accurate, detailed reporting capability, ability to access your application from desktops and instant content delivery using push notifications. Imagine your business or organisation having all of this available to you.



One can’t disagree with the fact that mobile technology is fast changing the way in which businesses are interacting with their clients. In a recent study in the UK it was shown that using a smartphone to make telephone calls is no longer 1 of the top 10 functions people use their phones for. In a few other studies it was indicated that mobile users surpass desktop users.

Some of the reasons for the shift in this behaviour include:

  • The security and privacy of mobile apps
  • More satisfying user experience
  • The benefits offered by using location based services
  • Emergence and dominance of the Internet of Things

HAPPenings would like to invite you to become involved in this exciting project through the following value proposition:

A basic landing page for your business or organisation, hosted FREE for 12 months.

On this page you would be able to present the following information:

  • Page Header – This is your logo
  • Content – Introducing your business/offering/services/business hours
  • Contact Information – Address (including in-app GPS) and contact number.
  • Social Media – Links to take you to your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your page will be hosted under the relevant sub-category and province.

In order to make use of this offer, all you need to do is to complete the attached Application Information sheet and return this to us on info@happenings.co.za.

We are looking forward to engage and collaborating with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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