Words by Rian Pelati

Just over a year ago, I saw a Gay SA Radio notification on Facebook, and cheekily decided to send Hendrik an email to get involved with the radio station. To make a long story short, an appointment was made and the concept for an eighties radio show was born.


Coming from a print media background, the whole radio concept was a foreign world to me. Most important thing in my mind was to name the new baby. After much deliberation, it was decided to keep it simple and the new show was christened Back to the 80s. Thanks to training from both Hendrik and Ethan, I was ready to move in behind the microphone for the first time on September 4 last year.


Or was I? Thinking that, reminds me of the first show I ever did, I thought that seeing that my show started at 6pm I was under the impression that I was to arrive at the studio at that time, low and behold I received a whattsapp on the way to studio asking where I was as my show was about to start.


Microphone technique was another mishap I had repeatedly switching on incorrect mics after music had played or leaving them on while music was playing, thank goodness with no disastrous consequences. It was also not my most intelligent moment the night when I switched the system off completely by accident and the station was silent until the next morning.


Through funny happenings like these and perseverance,I have grown over the last year and so has my show, It started off just with myself and has grown to a team of 8 dedicated volunteers and co-presenters, that continue to help myself and the radio station to leap from strength to strength.


We proudly celebrated our first birthday bash at the radio station last Sunday, so here is to many more funny moments and awesome shows on back to the 80’s on Gay SA Radio, where you are family.

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