Christian bookshops drop famous writer because he supports LGBT equality

Fire forces closure of US LGBT youth center

Gay ‘Propaganda’ Furor Brews Over Canceled Bolshoi Ballet About Nureyev


Christian bookshops drop famous writer because he supports LGBT equality


Well-known influential evangelical author Eugene Peterson found himself on

the receiving end of a backlash this week after he spoke out on same-sex marriage.


Mr Peterson had given an interview to Religion News Service in which he said his views on LGBT people have evolved, adding that he knows a lot of people who are gay and lesbian and they seem to have as good a spiritual life as he does.


The comments have led to fury from book chain LifeWay, which has responded to the interview by banning Peterson’s works.


In a statement to Christian Today, LifeWay said they only carriy resources in their stores by authors who hold to the biblical view of marriage.


LifeWay is an affiliate of the Southern Baptist Church, which is strongly opposed to LGBT inclusivity.


Fire forces closure of US LGBT youth center


An LGBT foundation in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA, has been forced to indefinitely close its youth center, after a fire broke out there Wednesday.


While investigators initially believed the fire to be suspicious, fire crews have “no evidence to believe” someone intentionally set fire to the one.n.ten youth center.


Firefighters cut holes in the roof of the building in order to release heat and smoke trapped inside.


No injuries were reported.


Gay ‘Propaganda’ Furor Brews Over Canceled Bolshoi Ballet About Nureyev


Speculation is rife that Russia’s culture minister killed the premiere of the Bolshoi Theater ballet about Nureyev because it was too gay.


Just days after the Bolshoi called off the premiere, Russia’s state-run TASS news agency quoted an unidentified “source” as saying that Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky ordered the show postponed because it may constitute gay “propaganda.”


A 2013 law bans disseminating “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” to minors, a statute that rights activists and Western governments have denounced as discriminatory and stigmatizing of sexual minorities.


Leaked images, video, and anonymous interviews with people linked to the show — which carries a warning that it is for audiences 18 or older — indicate it features elements and storylines likely to irritate conservative spectators and activists, including nudity, transvestites, and Nureyev’s homosexuality.


The original July 10 TASS report was subsequently deleted and replaced with a new report that features a headline stating that Medinsky “supported” the Bolshoi leadership’s decision “to postpone the premiere of Nureyev” and a denial by the culture minister, who has urged more patriotism in Russian culture and has been accused by detractors of revisionist propaganda.


The Bolshoi’s decision to postpone the show emerged on July 8, three days before the planned premiere, when the theater’s press service confirmed the cancellation but did not provide a reason.

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