Gay men in China pour in to buy anti-HIV drug in Thailand

Trump’s justice chief addressed anti-gay ‘hate group’ behind closed doors

Star Australian cricketer comes out as gay


Gay men in China pour in to buy anti-HIV drug in Thailand


Gay men are pouring from China into Thailand to buy cheaper anti-HIV drugs.


Pre-exposure prophylaxis, commonly known as PrEP, is a type of medicine that, if taken daily, can reduce the risk of HIV infection via sexual intercourse by more than 90 percent.


In China doctors are not allowed to prescribe it to patients unless they test positive for the virus, and so the drugs are not as a weapon to prevent the spread of HIV among people in high-risk groups, such as gay men.


Chinese gay men averages more than 5 percent in most cities and can exceed 10 percent in major metropolises.


Thailand is easy to visit, as Chinese citizens do not require a visa, and the country is recognized for its friendliness toward the LGBT community.


Trump’s justice chief addressed anti-gay ‘hate group’ behind closed doors


The Department of Justice (DoJ) has refused to explain why a meeting with an anti-gay group undertaken by Attorney General Jeff Sessions was held behind closed doors.


Sessions, a key ally of US President Donald Trump, met members of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) at a closed event in Orange County, California, supposedly to discuss religious liberty.


The ADF is involved in a landmark Supreme Court case on same-sex marriage, centring on a Christian baker in Colorado, Jack Phillips, who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. The group has backed Phillips in his case.


The Southern Poverty Law Center, a prominent anti-extremism group, has branded the ADF a hate group, but it disputes this description.


Same-sex marriage was legalised across the United States under the Obama administration, but Holden speculated there may a change in the DoJ’s position on gay marriage given Sessions’ decision to attend the ADF meeting.


The Democratic National Committee condemned Sessions’ decision to attend in an official statement.


Star Australian cricketer comes out as gay


Elyse Villani is a star in the sport of cricket, which is huge in her native Australia and other countries.


She is also now a “Proud Gay Athlete” as she posted on her Twitter feed.


In her tweet she said that it is really important for her personally to always be herself, adding that it would have been really helpful for her growing up to think there was someone just like her out there performing at the top level of their chosen sport.


Villani is now competing in the Women’s World Cup of cricket and her coming out during such a huge event will raise the profile of gay athletes in Australia.

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