Thousands march in Madrid World Pride


Hundreds of thousands of people marched in a global gay pride demonstration in Madrid under tight security, and a parade of 52 floats took the festivities through the Spanish capital and into the night.


The march included several groups from other countries, including the United States and Britain, as well as groups ranging from rural lesbians to gay and lesbian police officers.


Four activists read a manifesto that urged the European Union to help export LGBTI rights around the world, with particular emphasis on Chechnya, Russia, and other countries that discriminate, criminalise, or torture gay people.


It also demanded that the World Health Organisation stop categorising transgender identity as a mental illness.


The massive outdoor gathering was the highlight of the 10-day World Pride 2017 festival, which concludes on Sunday.


Minister says Northern Ireland’s gay marriage ban is un-Christian

An Anglican minister has told an equality rally in Belfast that Northern Ireland’s ban on gay marriage is as unjust and un-Christian as the historical sectarian taboo over Catholics and Protestants marrying.


Canon Charles Kenny, who has been a Church of Ireland priest for almost 50 years, compared the opposition to same-sex marriage in the region to the historical hostility to mixed religious unions on the island of Ireland.


Kenny was joined by Methodist and Presbyterian ministers in calling for gay marriage to be legalised.


The Democratic Unionist party, which now formally supports Theresa May’s minority government, has consistently blocked moves towards marital equality.


Germany’s AfD threatens law suit over gay marriage


Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is looking to stop gay marriage in court.


The AfD wants to entice conservative voters, some of whom oppose gay marriage, away from chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) ahead of parliamentary elections in late September.


On Friday, the Bundestag adopted a bill that will soon allow same-sex couples to get married and adopt children. It passed with 393 votes to 226, with some support from  CDU parliamentarians though Merkel herself voted against it.


Until now the AfD, which doesn’t have a single seat in parliament, had been noticeably quiet about gay marriage.


Germany’s AfD threatens law suit over gay marriage



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