On 23 and 24 June 2017, The Meeks Productions will be bringing The FROG Prince SA to the Unisa Little Theatre in Pretoria. The MEEKS originally started 20 years ago, by Musical Director Johan Kleynhans, have more than 200 members and originated in Polokwane.

The FROG Prince SA tells the story of Love, deceit, friendship and a rhino horn scandal and follows the life of Prince Alexander the 3rd, through the eyes of Dhora Tonteldoos the evil witch. A Horrid curse was placed on Prince Alexander shortly before his birth which sadly caused him to be half man, half Frog. During his journey of self-discovery he meets and befriends some colorful characters who help him survive. The show boasts incredible musical performances from an incredible ensemble of cast that would melt even the coldest heart. Emanuel Pietersen, well known stage and screen performer and also 2016 South African Bachelor of the year gives a stellar performance in dual roles as both the Vain King and Alexander the Frog Prince.

The MEEKS Productions have always believed in giving back and with The FROG Prince SA they decided to give back by allowing a couple of charities to use the show as their own fund raising events. The MEEKS Productions has also always been a promoter of LGTB rights seeing as Johan Kleynhans, founder and musical director, as well as a large percentage of the cast are in fact part of the LGTB community. With the Frog Prince SA Marketing Manager and spokesperson of The MEEKS, Emanuel Pietersen, decided to give GAY SA Radio also the opportunity to raise much needed funds through this initiative. The MEEKS Productions will therefor donate between R30 and R50 per ticket sold by GAY SA Radio.

For more info or to book and help raise funds for GAY SA Radio, contact GAY SA Radio 072 629 4990 / hendrik@gaysaradio.co.za or email Marketing@themeeks.co.za for more info.


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