STATE OF EMERGENCY: Pink Loerie Knysna Relief Drive


Huge sections of Knysna have burned to the ground. Entire homes, guest houses, schools and municipal buildings, many people (including children and the elderly) have been evacuated, but not everyone has been accounted for yet. Hundreds are misplaced and many have lost all their belongings in the fire. Knysna continues to burn at the time of this press release!




You can donate any amount to the Pink Loerie Knysna Relief Fund Account (details below) to assist with disaster relief efforts in this fire-stricken coastal town loved by so many.


As the home of the Pink Loerie, the LGBTQ+ community is heartbroken about what is happening in our favourite town. We want to show that Knysna means more to us than just a place to have fun and parade every year.  We have had so many good times there and now need to lend a hand during these hard times. The people of Knysna need assistance with food, water, shelter, electricity, generators, blankets, clothes etc. Anything you can spare.  Some have lost EVERYTHING they own. Knysna has been there for us over the past 17 years, it’s time for us to return the favour.


All food and clothes etc. donations can be dropped off at:

The Knysna Fire Department, Waterfront Drive, Knysna

or at

Metelerkamps, 3 Union Street, Waterfront Drive, Knysna (opposite Knysna Fire Department)


Any money you wish to send to help can be deposited into the following account:


(Non-Profit Company Registration Number: 2016/283475/08 – NPO Number: 181-161)


Account Number: 93-2544-3421

Branch Code: 632005

Account Type: Savings

Ref: KnysnaRelief and your name


For more info please email us on:



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