In most of Africa it is illegal to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer+. In some countries you could face long prison sentences or even the death penalty just for who you are.

South Africa is the shining example for furthering LGBTQ+ rights on the African continent. In South Africa, gay rights are enshrined in the Constitution and same sex marriage is legal. But even here the community suffers on a daily basis.

Lesbian identifying women are raped and killed, young gay men are beaten and killed, churches continue to spread virulent homophobic messages, while politicians largely ignore our plight.

But there is light in the tunnel. And you can help shine that light bright so that it reaches the end of the tunnel!

GaySA Radio is Africa’s only online LGBTQ+ radio station, broadcasting on

Pretoria LGBTQ+ Pride is Africa’s largest Pride event, hosted this year on 7 October.

Having joined forces, these two are a powerhouse in South Africa, working hard to secure safety for the community through visibility and spreading information.

Show your support for the efforts to sustain and grow LGBTQ+ rights in Africa through

                                                     The Gay Flag Project.

Send us your gay flag with messages of support written on it for the LGBTQ+ of Africa.

 SET UP A TIP JAR – If you have a venue or business, set up a tip jar to collect donations for the cause (or you could always send it from your pocket if you so please.)

You can make a minimum $ 100 / £ 100 / EUR 100 / ZAR 1,500 deposit into the GaySA Radio account, PayPal, or PayFast, the details which are on

THEN SIGN AND SEND A GAY FLAG – Get a gay flag, put your logo on it, write a message of support and sign it, sending it to us (together with the proof of payment to reach us no later than 15 September 2017):

GaySA Radio/Pretoria Pride Flag Project, 255 27th Avenue, Villieria, 0186, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.

The flags will be flown at the Pretoria LGBTQ+ Pride on 7 October and showcased on social media and the GaySA Radio website After Pretoria Pride the flags will be on permanent display at GaySA Radio’s studios in Pretoria and they will be showcased at various Pride events.

Your support will help cover the costs of staging the 5th Annual Pretoria LGBTQ+ Pride and supporting GaySA Radio’s promotion of the event and associated content.

Let’s make a real difference to the lives of African LGBTQ+ people by shining the light of freedom and equality brightly throughout the continent.

If you need more information or clarity, email:

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