‘Idols’ judge urges action over lesbian killing

Ghana police arrest blackmailers who used Grindr to target gay men

British Vogue hires first gay male editor


‘Idols’ judge urges action over lesbian killing


Idols judge Somizi Mhlongo delivered a stirring speech at a prayer service for Nonki Smous who was killed in an apparent lesbian hate crime.


Mhlongo attended the service in Kroonstad on Sunday.


Mhlongo told the congregation that in her honour we need to say enough is enough and that action needs to be taken.


He said that “you need to visit these streets‚ walk these streets‚ and say‚ ‘I am black. I am gay. I am lesbian’.


The culprits must know that enough is enough. They must feel your anger.”


Mhlongo explained that he was motivated to speak out after hearing how the woman was brutally raped and murdered because she was a lesbian.




Ghana police arrest blackmailers who used Grindr to target gay men


In an unexpected move, police in Ghana have arrested two men who targeted gay men they found on Grindr.


The men, Torsu Stephen, 23, and Aikins Atitsogbe, 21, were arrested in the capital Accra after an unnamed victim reported they threatened to post naked photos of him on the internet if he did not pay them 1,000 cedi (about R 2000).


The pair were arrested on charges of blackmail.


The victim worked with the police to set up a meeting with the blackmailers who were arrested when they showed up for the money.


Male same-sexual activity is illegal in Ghana and can lead to up to three years in prison. There is a strong taboo against gay people in the country




British Vogue hires first gay male editor


British Vogue has appointed its first male editor who happens to be gay.


Edward Enninful will take over from Alexandra Schulman, who announced earlier this year that she would step down from the role after 25 years.


The incoming editor has worked for various fashion publications since entering the fashion industry as a teenager.


The Ghanaian-born model turned stylist will take over from Schulman in August.

He will be the magazine’s 11th editor.



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