Man accused of using gay dating app Grindr to plan abduction and sexual assault of children

Kids author tells Christian group ‘a book doesn’t make you gay’

Camp goldfish cleared of vilifying the gay community


A New Zealnd man has been accused of using gay dating app Grindr to send messages encouraging another person to abduct an underage boy with him for sex.


Michael John Kight, aged 24, appeared in the Wellington District Court last week on a number of charges, including inciting a person to abduct young males for sex, possessing child porn, and possessing short stories graphically detailing sexual abuse against children.


Kight is also accused of sending naked photos and sexual messages to a fictitious person, who he believed was a person under 16.


Another charge alleges Kight distributed child porn to three email recipients.


He was remanded without plea to April 7.



Kids author tells Christian group ‘a book doesn’t make you gay’



A children’s author in the US has hit back at a Christian conservative group who called for a book about a transgender child to be banned.


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools system in North Carolina was going to use Ian and Sarah Hoffman’s book, Jacob’s New Dress as part of an anti-bullying project.


It tells the story of a young boy who likes to wear dresses.


The North Carolina Values Coalition says it received a complaint that book is geared to young children and is meant as a tool of indoctrination to normalize transgender behavior.


Ian Hoffman has hit back at the coalition, saying he wrote the book about his son who “had long hair, wore dresses, and loved the color pink”, but also liked ‘traditional boy things’ like “knights, castles and dinosaurs”.


He added that the idea that a book can turn someone gay, or transgender, or anything else is bizarre and he believes the backlash shows that Jacob’s New Dress is needed more than ever.


Camp goldfish cleared of vilifying the gay community


The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau (ABS) has cleared Kellogg’s Sultana Bran of denigrating gay men in an ad featuring a camp but forgetful goldfish.


The Sultana Bran ad is set at the breakfast table with a father and daughter eating the cereal.


The daughter asks her father if goldfish actually have a three-second memory.


The ad then cuts to the goldfish swimming around the bowl stating with increasing shock, saying that Sultana Bran’s got more fibre than two slices of wholemeal toast.


The ABS ruled the ad did not vilify the LGBTIQ+ community because in the context of a humorous scenario of a goldfish forgetting what it has just said and repeating itself, the depiction of a talking fish with no identifiable gender is not negative or demeaning to any person.


Sultana Bran’s 15-second ad has over 1m views on YouTube.


Sultana Bran’s camp goldfish cleared of vilifying the gay community

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