Free State Pride a big success

Taiwan court hears landmark gay marriage case

RuPaul hits out at bachelorette parties who go to gay clubs


Free State Pride a big success


Free State Pride took place in Bloemfontein last week, with a week long event culminating in the Pride event that was held on Saturday.


Kem Blank, a pattern maker from Welkom, was crowned as Miss Free State Pride.


Even though there was almost no marketing for the event until last week, members of the LGBTIQ+ community came out in numbers to create visibility around the stigma and discrimination that the community face.


This was the fifth Free State Pride and it is held every year on the Saturday after Human Rights Day.


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Taiwan court hears landmark gay marriage case


Taiwan’s constitutional court began hearing a landmark case on Friday that could make the island the first place in Asia to allow same-sex marriage.


A panel of 14 grand justices will hear a debate over a disputed law that critics say is unconstitutional because it prevents unions between gay couples.


Campaigners for change gathered with rainbow flags outside the court in Taipei, which was heavily guarded on Friday morning.


Taiwan is considered progressive on many issues including gay rights, however its roots in Confucianism translate into a strong sense of adherence to traditional mores.


There has been growing momentum behind the campaign to change the law.



RuPaul hits out at bachelorette parties who go to gay clubs


RuPaul has hit out at female bachelorette parties who head to gay clubs for their festivities.


The Drag Race host criticised ladies who visit gay clubs who then don’t acknowledge drag queens as anything but “an accessory to straight life”.


Appearing on the radio show Dinner Party Download, RuPaul warned that heterosexual women must “check yourself before you wreck yourself”.


The drag icon went on to say that people who live in the mainstream think that everyone else is there to serve them.


He explained that he always knew he could do drag well and make money from it, but people often tried to exploit that.

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