GaySA Radio a Finalist in Three Liberty Radio Award Categories


GaySA Radio, the new internet community radio station for the LGBTQ+ community, is a finalist in three categories for the Liberty Radio Awards.


The Liberty Radio Awards take up where the MTN Radio Awards left off. The Awards have enjoyed increasing support from the industry and have seen substantial growth since their inception in 2010. Over 450 presenters, producers, shows and stations have received this prestigious award since 2010.


GaySA Radio started up just over a year ago, and it is a major achievement for this small community station, staffed by unpaid volunteers, to be nominated in no less than three categories so shortly after inception.


The first nomination is for the Breakfast Show Presenter Chris Jordan. Chris, a seasoned radio professional and educator, joined the team at GaySA Radio just after its startup and moved to the Eggs and Sausage Show a few months later. His energetic presenting style, interesting content and interviews not only set the tone for the rest of the day`s broadcasting, but also sets and guides the style of the entire radio station. Chris really is at the top of his game, and understands and is able to address the complex needs of the time-challenged morning audience with style, verve, confidence, ease and originality.

Chris Jordan

The “sound” of a good radio station is clear, impactful and, most of all, distinct. The Station Imaging category looks at well-constructed, jingles, stings and stabs and how they all fit into the overall construct and personality of the station. Ethan Baird, the Programming Manager, has been nominated in this category, having given GaySA Radio a distinctive sound through his expert production values.

Ethan Baird


The Promotions/Stunts category recognises excellence in promotions and related activities that are designed to strengthen a radio station`s own brand, and to entrench it more deeply with its audience. GaySA Radio’s very successful #UprisingOfLove campaign was nominated in this category.


The awards take place on 22 April and there is great excitement at the studios, as all fingers are crossed that the team will walk away with the awards. Even if this does not happen, being nominated is a huge achievement and shows the station is on par with its peers in the industry. The team will use this as a springboard to do even better in the future.


GaySA Radio broadcasts on the internet through it’s website, on a phone app that can be downloaded from the website or you can listen live on


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