Gay organisation to open in Soweto

‘Proud gay Kurd’ marries under Finland’s new same-sex marriage law

Jerusalem to host Israel’s main gay pride parade


Gay organisation to open in Soweto


A group of men in Soweto has decided to start an organisation for gay men, by gay men all about the things a gay man has to deal with and the different spheres of life.


According to Director of UDIDI Productions, Mandla Magazi this platform will help guys with adopting children as well as

have a hospice for gay men only, creating a safe haven for those who have nowhere else to go.


They will have group talks as well, and will discuss gay rights because there are gay men who are being abused and others are unemployed who need direction on where to go.


The organisation will be launching at the end of August once the board has found premises.


‘Proud gay Kurd’ marries under Finland’s new same-sex marriage law


A 23-year-old Kurd who identified himself as Ziryan and from the Kurdistan Region got married to a Finnish man named Tomi on March 1, 2017.


This comes after a law passed in 2014 by Finland’s parliament to legalize same-sex marriages came into effect in the beginning of this month and has since enabled many gay couples, including Kurds, to formally tie the knot.




The Kurdish man smuggled his way all the way to Finland, taking him two years to get there.


He has been living in Finland for one and a half year.


Ziryan said that his relatives had tried to kill him in the past and that h had suffered a lot due to his sexuality.


He was eventually rescued by his maternal uncle, taking him to Turkey where he started his journey which landed him in Finland.


Ziryan’s Finnish partner is two years his junior.


Jerusalem to host Israel’s main gay pride parade


Israel’s main gay pride parade will reportedly take place this year in Jerusalem, rather than in Tel Aviv where it is traditionally held.


Although Jerusalem is both Israel’s capital and its largest city, its gay pride parade is much smaller than then one in Tel Aviv, which has a large LGBT community and prides itself on its tolerant environment.


The initiative to hold the country’s main gay pride parade in Jerusalem this year was pushed for by the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance in order to protest for equal rights for the LGBT community, Channel 2 reported.


In July 2015, the Jerusalem pride parade was the scene of a deadly stabbing spree, raising the event’s profile and leading to a mauch larger showing the next year.

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