Facebook scraps ‘gay cure’ ads

Study confirms gay stereotype in sport

George Michael’s mansion ‘was used for gay porn’

Facebook scraps ‘gay cure’ ads


Facebook has scrapped an ad deal with evangelical gay ‘cure’ activists who were using the social network’s targeted ad tools to warn LGBT people they face “eternity in hell”.


US-based evangelical group Anchored North, who describe themselves as “next-generation evangelists”, were using Facebook to aggressively target “evil sinners” – including gay people, women considering abortion and atheists –  with online ad campaigns.


The group, which appears to have significant funding for advertising and professional-quality video, has a string of promoted content on Facebook.


The gay ‘cure’ ad has hundreds of negative reactions from LGBT people who were targeted, and a number of people have filed reports to Facebook.


Facebook axed the ads, in a ten-word statement, saying “This ad violates our advertising policies, and has been removed.”




Study confirms gay stereotype in sport


A new study has revealed stark results for lesbian, gay and bisexual young people in sport.


Researchers polled 13 to 18 years old about their experiences of school sport – and found most don’t take part.


They first did the analysis in 1998 – finding that five in ten young people were in a sports team.


But when they came to the research again 15 years on, they found that just three in ten were in sports teams the second time round.


Elizabeth Saewyc, senior author of the study and UBC professor said that in every year they measured, LGB youth were about half as likely, or even less, to participate in coached sports than straight youth were and that gap has persisted and even widened over time.


It’s thought many young LGB people feel excluded by the culture of sports, with homophobic name calling still common.




George Michael’s mansion ‘was used for gay porn


George Michael’s £18 million Highgate mansion was used for gay porn while he and boyfriend Fadi Fawaz were away on holiday, it has been claimed.


A source has claimed two gay porn films were shot at his north London property without his knowledge in August 2011, when George performed in Prague, and in 2012, when George and Fadi were abroad.


The person, who did not wish to be named, said it was a ‘desecration’ of his memory.


The producers, who made the films available for download, are said to have stopped selling the films following the pop star’s death because they feared a backlash.




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