Openly gay minister of Indian origin could be Ireland’s next PM

Women prefer to hire gay and lesbian job applicants

Religious Right Blasts Lego Batman for ‘Pro-Gay Propaganda’

Openly gay minister of Indian origin could be Ireland’s next PM


Leo Varadkar, an openly gay Irish minister of Indian-origin, is being widely tipped as the frontrunner in the race to become Ireland’s next prime minister.


Varadkar is a leader of the Fine Gael political party and the social protection minister.


Born in Dublin, he is the son of a retired Indian doctor and an Irish mother.


Varadkar, a qualified doctor, is in a relationship with Matthew Barrett, also a doctor.


Media reports said the elevation of Varadkar would mark a major social change for Ireland, which was among the last European Union members to decriminalise homosexuality, voting to recognise same-sex marriages in 2015.


If Varadkar becomes prime minister, Ireland will be only the fourth country to have an openly gay head of government, next to Belgium, Iceland and Luxembourg.


Women prefer to hire gay and lesbian job applicants


Female managers are more likely to favour gay and lesbian job applicants over heterosexual candidates who are just as well qualified, according to a study which suggested that men preferred to recruit straight candidates.


Academics at the University of Sussex claimed that the study was the first to discover a positive bias for gay and lesbian jobseekers.


Benjamin Everly, of the university’s school of business, management and economics and the lead author of the study, said that the findings suggested employers should consider carefully who was making their recruitment decisions.


Dr Everly said that the findings of the study, published in the Journal of Business and Psychology, could influence when and how gay men and lesbians disclosed their sexual orientation at work.


Other studies have not been so positive, with research by Anglia Ruskin University suggested that at graduate entry, gay men received the fewest invitations for interview in traditionally male occupations such as accounting, banking, finance and management, whereas lesbians received the fewest invitations for interviews in traditionally female occupations such as social care, social services and charity jobs.


Religious Right Blasts Lego Batman for ‘Pro-Gay Propaganda’


The editor in chief of LifeSiteNews, John-Henry Westen, is accusing the new film The Lego Batman Movie of seeking to “indoctrinate the little ones” to the gay agenda.


Westen — whose website is an arm of a Canadian anti-abortion group, the Campaign Life Coalition — warned readers to “beware” of the animated film, as it “promotes gay adoption” and other LGBT rights causes.


In Lego Batman, there is a running gag that Robin, after being adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne, believes he has “two dads” and the main plot centers around the emotionally aloof superhero The Joker’s unwillingness to love — or hate — others, pining for Batman’s hatred, plotting an elaborate scheme to win his attentions.


The film also includes playful nods to the franchise’s camp history, including a few dress-up parties and the return of Robin’s sparkly cape.


All of this amounts to a hidden agenda, according to the two conservative news sites.


According to GLAAD, major film studios are still failing miserably in their inclusion of LGBT characters, which makes them the engine of straight propaganda, not gay.

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