Italy’s anti-discrimination head quits over gay sex scandal

Mr Gay NZ defends his view that having unprotected sex with HIV can be safe

Gay boxer beats man making homophobic comments

Italy’s anti-discrimination head quits over gay sex scandal


The head of Italy’s anti-discrimination office has resigned following revelations that government funds for combating sexual discrimination had been allocated to clubs offering gay prostitution services.


Francesco Spano’s resignation late Monday followed a report by popular television show The Hyenas that set off a media storm, claiming the National Office against Racial Discrimination (UNAR) had been funding “cultural” associations which hosted gay sex parties.


On Tuesday he insisted the funds had been allocated in 2016 but not issued and an immediate stop had been put to the programme.


ANDDOS, the National Association Against Sexual Discrimination, which runs hundreds of gay clubs across Italy, had been set to receive 55,000 euros.


Explicit undercover images broadcast on Sunday showed men using a “dark room”, designed for those who want to engage in sexual activity with strangers, while the reporter was offered sexual services in return for money in three ANDDOS clubs.


Spano said Tuesday that his resignation was “not an admission of guilt”, though he could not explain why he was listed as a member of one of the clubs.


Mr Gay NZ defends his view that having unprotected sex with HIV can be safe


The new Mr Gay New Zealand, who is HIV positive, is defending having unprotected sex, saying he always informs sexual partners of his health status.


Charlie Tredway, 33, who was crowned Mr Gay New Zealand at Big Gay Out in Auckland on February 12, has received a backlash after being linked with websites about “barebacking” (a term used to describe anal sex without a condom).


Tredway, who works as a community outreach staffer for the New Zealand Aids Foundation, said he used condoms the majority of the time and always made sure that sex was informed, consensual and that he was looking after himself and his sexual partners.


He said he only had unprotected sex with HIV positive men or HIV negative men who he knew were on Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), which was a pill that reduced the risk of them getting HIV.


He was also on anti-retroviral treatment which successfully lowers the level of HIV in the body to an undetectable viral load where the risk of passing HIV on was virtually non-existent.


New Zealand Aids Foundation executive director Jason Myers said HIV prevention science had moved rapidly in the past two years and had shown that people with HIV and on treatment could reach an undetectable viral load which rendered them virtually non-infectious.


The NZAF says it is legal to have sex without condoms if a person has disclosed their HIV status.


Gay boxer beats man making homophobic comments


The fight for equal rights turned physical in a Philadelphia barber shop earlier this week when openly gay boxer Yusaf Mack decided to stand up to a man who had been attacking him online.


Video of the incident, which occurred at the LA Clippers barber shop, shows Mack swinging at a man named Hector Echevarria who had been reportedly been posting comments about him which were derogatory and homophobic.


Hector is seen lying on the ground and cowering for cover, than at one point attempting to stand up, which Mack, 37, reacts to by slugging him in the face and sending him back to the floor.


At the end of the fight, which lasted approximately 30 seconds, Mack grabs a jar full of barber’s tools and smashes them on Hector’s head.


Mack meanwhile has been keeping a low profile, and it is unclear if police plan on pressing charges in the incident.


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