Tanzania threatens to publish ‘list of gay people’

Finnish parliament re-adopts gay marriage law

Gay fairytale is dedicated to the victims of the Orlando massacre

Tanzania threatens to publish ‘list of gay people’


Tanzania on Saturday announced plans to publish a list of gay people allegedly selling sex online — just days after shutting dozens of AIDS clinics accused of promoting homosexuality.


The country’s deputy health minister Hamisi Kigwangalla said on Twitter that the government was investigating “the homosexuality syndicate” and would arrest and prosecute those involved in the gay sex business.


He wrote that he would publish a list of gay people selling their bodies online, saying that the government has long arms and it will arrest all those involved quietly.


Gay male sex is punishable by anything from 30 years to life imprisonment under Tanzanian law, but there is no such ban on lesbian relations.




Finnish parliament re-adopts gay marriage law


Finland’s parliament voted Friday for a second time in favour of same-sex marriage, just two weeks before a 2014 law enshrining it is due to take effect.


It was a last-minute attempt by opponents to prevent the legalisation of gay marriage in the country, but the legislature upheld the law by 120 votes to 48.


The law will now go into effect as planned on March 1.


Finland has recognised same-sex partnerships since 2002, but has until now remained the only Nordic country where gay marriage is not legal.




Gay fairytale dedicated to the victims of the Orlando massacre


A new children’s fairytale featuring a gay relationship is dedicated to the 49 people murdered in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, last year.


Promised Land, released on Valentine’s Day, is the first children’s book from New Zealand authors Chaz Harris and Adam Reynolds.


It is aimed at children aged from five to 10.


The book tells the story of Jack, a farm boy, and Leo, a prince, who meet in the enchanted forest and slowly fall in love.


Promised Land includes a map of the fictional Kingdom of Valeria, with several place names inspired by figures who have helped change history for LGBT people, like Matthew Shepard, Ellen DeGeneres, singer Elton John and scientist Alan Turing.



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