Croatian Officials and Activists Condemn LGBT Party Attack
Teenage lesbian couple say they were forced to leave McDonald’s
‘Too gay’ singer claps back with heartbreaking video

Croatian Officials and Activists Condemn LGBT Party Attack

LGBT rights group Zagreb Pride organised a protest entitled ‘Love Is and Remains Stronger than Hate’ on Monday in Zagreb, after tear gas was set off at a nightclub in the capital during a LGBT party in the early hours of Sunday – an attack that was strongly condemned by Croatian officials.

The rally was intended to raise awareness about violence against LGBT people and to encourage the public to reject it.

The attack in the club left clubbers scrambling to leave the building and some were hurt, either in the stampede that ensued or when they broke glass in the windows to escape.

Several people were treated for cuts to their hands.

Zagreb Pride condemned the attack and demanded that the police “carry out a fast and effective investigation and identify and bring to justice those responsible”.

The government issued its own statement on Sunday strongly condemning the tear-gas attack and promising that the Interior Ministry was investigating.

Teenage lesbian couple say they were forced to leave McDonald

A teenage lesbian couple claim they were told to leave a McDonald’s after a cleaner said their kissing ‘wasn’t appropriate’.

Kristeen Ferenczi, 16, said she felt pressured to leave the fast food outlet in Bolton town centre in England after she kissed her 17-year-old girlfriend on the cheek.

She said they were made to ‘feel awful’ and both started crying following the incident.

McDonald’s have now launched an internal investigation.

‘Too gay’ singer claps back with heartbreaking video

In only a few short hours a powerful music video telling true LGBTI stories has racked up millions of views.

Australian singer Greg Gould released the short film music video of his cover of En Vogue’s 90s classic Don’t Let Go and within hours had one million views.

Released last week the video features harrowing scenes based on Gould’s own real life experiences and those of his LGBTI friends.

One scene shows a man kicked out of his partner’s hospital room, family rejection, assault and in Gould’s case public harassment at a bus stop.

Gould, 28, a runner-up on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013 recently left his record label after they told him he was ‘too gay’ and went independent.

‘Too gay’ singer Greg Gould claps back with heartbreaking video

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