Church is driving gay people to suicide

Football fans who scream anti-gay abuse could be banned

Mumbai man finally wins Mr Gay India crown


Church is driving gay people to suicide


The Church is driving homosexual people to suicide because of its negative and discriminatory attitude towards same-sex relationships, a major Christian charity has concluded.


A report by Oasis in the UK warned that churches must take a ‘disproportionate share of the blame’ for the mental health issues of people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual.


The charity found that every denomination of the Christian church in Britain, except for the United Reformed Church, held positions which actively discriminate against people with same-sex partners.


The research was released in part to respond to the report from the House of Bishops which restated the Church of England’s opposition to same-sex marriage and will be discussed at the General Synod meeting next week.


The charity called for the Church of England to fund more research into the issue and also give more money to mental health charities.


Football fans who scream anti-gay abuse could be banned


Sports fans who scream anti-gay abuse should get immediate stadium bans of up two years, English MPs demanded over the weekend.


And parents who make homophobic remarks while watching youth games should also face action, they said.


In a hard-hitting report, the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee called on sports bosses to show ‘zero tolerance’ of prejudice, saying attitudes in sport – particularly football – were ‘out of step with wider society’.


With surveys suggesting 72 per cent of football fans have heard homophobic abuse at matches, the committee said this was too often dismissed as ‘banter’.


The Football Association said that they welcome the report and will review it in full.


Mumbai man finally wins Mr Gay India crown


In the finale round held in Mumbai on Friday, 31-year-old Darshan Mandhana was crowned Mr Gay World India (MGWI) 2017.


Mandhana, an HR professional from Mumbai, had made it to the top three, having participated in MGWI twice before.


Mandhana’s entry would now be submitted to the world pageant, which is to be held in Spain this year.

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