The Red Carpet Treatment – by Justin Jacobs

Last week, Gay SA Radio was lucky enough to be invited to attend a pre-screening of a very special Oscar nominated film. The premiere took place on Thursday, 2 February at the Ster-Kinekor head office in their prestigious “The Deck” cinema where my husband and I hobnobbed with celebs and SA’s movers and shakers in true Oscar style.

The premier, which has received a whopping eight Oscar nominations this year, is a gay love story unlike one we have seen in a long while. Moonlight, tells the story of a black man living in the hood with all of its negative social influences. Growing up surrounded by drugs and gangs our main protagonist has to develop a tough exterior. But on the inside this discreet brute is in love with a boy he grew up with.

We are all very familiar with the typical gay love story that takes place in the glossy atmosphere of Manhattan, or some other first world surroundings full of opportunity and vodka sodas! What sets Moonlight apart is that this story of same sex love happens in the context of a rough and misfortunate reality that up until recently not many story tellers were willing to delve into.

Have I managed to whet your cinematic appetite? If so, why not book yourself a ticket to go see this truly touching and inspiring film at a Ster-Kinekor cinema near you. Ster-Kinekor has managed to bring the top Academy nominated films to their cinemas country wide, for your viewing pleasure, BEFORE the Oscars happen. What a treat! And just to help stir your emotions further, have a read at what Ster-Kinekor have to say on their “Oscar Buzz” initiative.

“What are your 2017 Oscar nomination predictions for Best Picture? Which films do you think will walk away with the golden statues come Oscar night on Sunday, 26 February? Ster-Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau are currently screening and lining up a feast of the very best Oscar-nominated films over the next few weeks for your viewing pleasure, and we want to know what you think of each film.”

“We all read the critics reviews of the Oscar-nominated films. But what we want to know is what you, our customers, think of them. We want your review of the films that are judged to be the best of the best by the Academy, and whether or not you agree with their nominations. Become a movie critic and post your review on the Ster-Kinekor Facebook or Twitter platform using #OscarBuzz for the South African movie-loving community to see, like and share.” says Motheo Matsau, Chief of Marketing and Sales at Ster-Kinekor Theatres.”

“As the countdown begins, Ster-Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau want you to join in this year’s #OscarBuzz.  Watch any of the Oscar-nominated films in the Best Picture and other categories, post your short, sharp and pithy review on Ster-Kinekor’s Facebook (Ster-Kinekor) or Twitter (@sterkinekor using hashtag #OscarBuzz) and you could be in line to win some great weekly prizes and movie merchandise. The #OscarBuzz competition launched this week, and closes on 07 March 2017.”

“Apart from the weekly prizes, one lucky person will be the recipient of the overall grand prize: a Ster-Kinekor premier card to watch movies for free for a year and will become the Ster-Kinekor movie critic for the year. You will be invited to premieres and special screenings and then post your movie reviews for all to read. The winner of this prestigious title will be selected by the Ster-Kinekor marketing team based on the best Oscar-nominated movie review posted on Facebook or Twitter using #OscarBuzz. “

The full list of 2017 Oscar nominees can be found at:

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